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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Review: FEAST, by Broms the Poet

FEAST, by Broms the Poet

Jeff Bromley - 2018

My Rating (out of 5)


Poetry is not one of my usual genres, but I have been following Broms the Poet on social media for some time. He has quite a presence, with a large and loyal fan base on the major platforms, his short pieces appearing often on the  timelines of people all over the world.  I remember being shocked to discover that he wasn't from New York, or Toronto or any other huge city, but from my home of Winnipeg.

When he announced that he was having his work put into book form, I knew it would end up on my shelf. Since he is located locally, I had intended to get a copy of FEAST while attending one of his book signing events. But life gets in the way sometimes, and I have never made it. I gave up and decided to just buy it on my next trip to Chapters. I was delighted to find that they had signed copies available, so I bought one for myself and one for my eldest stepdaughter who enjoys poetry.

Let's be clear here - this is not the posh, high society, book of sonnets type of poetry. His poetry is real. It is visceral. It is borne from all that life has to offer - from the worst to the best.

Cover art for this collection is an anatomical heart on a platter. I fitting visual for a work that seems to offer up the poet's heart and soul, scars and all. This collection documents the poet's travel through darker times, by strength of spirit, to a place where optimism and love live. 

If you you would like to sample the Poet's work, you can easily find him on the major social media platforms. If you would like to own a copy of the collection,  you can order a copy from International shipping is available.

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